The Next Chapter

I announced on Sunday the BIG news that I am retiring at the end of November from The Unity Center.  I have been prayerfully considering this step for several months and truly feel guided by Spirit to make this move.  I know this decision may come as surprise — it even was for me initially! — but I know it is our highest and best good that I release center ministry.

I have loved every minute of the journey, from the early days of just a handful of folks at the Lakewood Center to the amazing property and garden that we call our spiritual home today.  Over the years so many of you have touched my heart and I will be forever grateful for your friendship and trust.  I am asking you now for your continued support as TUC begins the transition process and search for a new spiritual leader.  Your participation and financial contributions will make all the difference as we move forward knowing that divine order is our guide.

The Board and Search team will keep you updated with information on the process and key developments.  There will be community gatherings to answer your questions and a time line so everyone is aware of next steps.  Your input is vital and appreciated!

“Everything starts at the heart,” was the first line I wrote for this ministry and it still rings true.  We will always be connected in Spirit.  The next chapter for all of us is filled with new possibilities!  I hope you are excited about the new adventure that awaits us.

From My Heart to Yours,