Prayer of Transformation

The Light of God is in us,

The Love of God moves through us,

The Power of God transforms us,

The Presence of God is who we are.

Wherever we go, God is, and all is well.


On Monday through Thursday, everyone at the Center pauses all activity at 11:00 am to read the Daily Word out loud, speak a few of our many gratitudes, and spend a few minutes in prayer. You are always welcome to come to the Center to join us for this renewing and refreshing break. But you don’t have to be physically present, just join us in spirit from wherever you are.

Click here to read today’s Daily Word.

Let Us Pray with You

You can submit a prayer request if you would like us to pray with you or a loved one. We observe all prayer requests for 30 days, then pass them on to Silent Unity. You can fill out a prayer request form and put it in the box at the Center. Or send us an email at

If you wish immediate prayer support, please call the Center at (503) 697-9765. If the office is closed, you can leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.

Prayer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at Silent Unity. Click here for phone, address, and fax information, including Spanish-speaking and international phone numbers.

Our Prayer Team

The prayer team is here to support you in your spiritual journey.

  • They can create and hold a sacred space with you
  • They can listen to you and will hold what they hear in confidence.
  • They can pray with you.

The prayer team is always available after each Sunday morning service. At other times, you can request a phone call. You can also sign up for a regular monthly prayer team call. To request a  call or set up a regular wellness call:

  • Fill out the purple form at the Center and hand it to a prayer team member or put it in the box.
  • Call the Center at (503) 697-9765 during our regular office hours.
  • Or submit your request via email to

If you would like to learn more about prayer, here are some excellent resources, which are available through our Words of Wisdom bookstore:

Hypatia Hasbrouck, Handbook of Positive Prayer (Unity School of Christianity, 1994 Revised Edition)

Charles and Cora Fillmore, Teach Us to Pray (Unity School of Christianity, 1941)

You can also click here to read this book online (along with all the publications of Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, and other Unity and New Thought authors).

“I will be still and listen to God. I am the messenger of God today.”

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