Lifenotes: The Abundance of Circulation

Dear Friends,

All of us experience the Divine Flow of the Universe.  When we are aligned with Spirit as our Source, we find opportunities to share our abundance with others through  the Law of Circulation.  When we open ourselves to giving, our actions act as a mirror that reflects back to us our generosity.

While we recognize God as the ultimate source of our good,  people are the channels through which prosperity flows. All of us may choose to be conduits of God’s unlimited good. When we remember we are here to serve each other, our actions become effortless and we give freely with a grateful heart.  We are all stewards of the Universe’s resources, and we are all channels of abundance for others.I have watched this principle in action for over 20 years during our annual Circulation Day.   Each year I am surprised by how exactly what someone is looking for is exactly what shows up!  By opening our doors to our community, we strengthen our connections to each other and affirm our purpose as a place for all.

Whether we are giving or receiving, we are each blessed.  It takes a team of very dedicated volunteers and generous donators of goods to make this awesome day possible, and I am so thankful to all of them for their efforts.
This week I encourage to you to affirm, God is my source of infinite abundance and through the Law of Circulation as I give, so I receive!

From My Heart to Yours,


The Gift of Change: spiritual guidance for living your best life

During the month of October we will focus on the opportunities that change affords us through Sunday morning services and small discussion groups.

Fall Series – The Gift of Change
October 1 – 29th

Based on the book The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson
learn to use strategies for facing the fears and anxieties that come with major changes in our world and lives and deepen your connection with the Spirit within.  Join a small discussion groups held Tuesdays noon or 7PM for a deeper study of these truths.

Circulation Day is 9/23

This is the day to recycle items that no longer serve you and give them to those who will use them. Everything is offered free. All items in excellent condition can be dropped off at the center on Thursday and Friday prior to the event. Especially appreciated are children and adult clothes, toys, books, household goods, sporting equipment, and small appliances. The unity center opens its doors to the community and 20 local agencies for this amazing event. This will be the 9/23 from 10 – 2PM.

New Music Coordinator, Laila Murphy

Laila Murphy is thrilled to be joining the Unity Center as the “Music Coordinator”. Laila has been sharing music here off and on since 2002 when she met Unity members at a 9/11 Interfaith commemoration. Laila is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Flute Performance and Musical Theater. Laila has performed with the Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera, Artists Repertory Theatre, Lakewood, and many other places in town. Her husband and 3 children often join her for gigs so hopefully they will make an appearance here and there!

The Next Chapter

I announced on Sunday the BIG news that I am retiring at the end of November from The Unity Center.  I have been prayerfully considering this step for several months and truly feel guided by Spirit to make this move.  I know this decision may come as surprise — it even was for me initially! — but I know it is our highest and best good that I release center ministry.

I have loved every minute of the journey, from the early days of just a handful of folks at the Lakewood Center to the amazing property and garden that we call our spiritual home today.  Over the years so many of you have touched my heart and I will be forever grateful for your friendship and trust.  I am asking you now for your continued support as TUC begins the transition process and search for a new spiritual leader.  Your participation and financial contributions will make all the difference as we move forward knowing that divine order is our guide.

The Board and Search team will keep you updated with information on the process and key developments.  There will be community gatherings to answer your questions and a time line so everyone is aware of next steps.  Your input is vital and appreciated!

“Everything starts at the heart,” was the first line I wrote for this ministry and it still rings true.  We will always be connected in Spirit.  The next chapter for all of us is filled with new possibilities!  I hope you are excited about the new adventure that awaits us.

From My Heart to Yours,


Lifenotes: Praying For Others

Today I would like to share with you a Daily Word passage from this week about praying for others. So often we are at our wits’ end about what to do or how to help someone, but often the answer is simply to pray for them. When we affirm the Divine in those we love,

Today I would like to share with you a Daily Word passage from this week about praying for others.  So often we are at our wits’ end about what to do or how to help someone, but often the answer is simply to pray for them.  When we affirm the Divine in those we love, we are releasing them to their highest and best good.  By connecting to Spirit, we not only bless the person we are praying for, but also ourselves.

Pray For Others

I pray for my loved ones, conscious of the presence of God within them. Holding others in prayer is a powerful, sacred process. I realign my whole self, including all that I think, say, and do, with the healing, protecting presence of God. I pray for my loved ones, conscious of the presence of God within them. I let go of all concern or anxiety about each person by saying, “I bless you, knowing you are enfolded in divine loving care.” I pray that they stay attuned to their spiritual source, and that they feel the love of my prayers. The sacred activity of prayer clears my mind. I am confident that my loved ones are safe and secure, guided into their highest outcome. I am grateful for the presence of God moving through every person and every need.

This week I encourage you to choose someone to pray for.  It can be a loved one, or someone you barely know.  Visualize this person surrounded by peace, and affirm that Spirit is working in their life.  Focus your mind on seeing this person happy, healthy, and ready to receive the blessings the Universe provides.  Feel in your heart that all is well and in divine order.  It is done!

From My Heart to Yours,

P.S.  Please remember that we have a prayer team that would love to pray for you!  We bless the prayer requests that are placed in the prayer box on Sundays each week and are honored to be trusted spiritual partners with those in need of prayer support.