Ministry Update From the Board

It is with grateful hearts that we honor all of you that have continued to support this ministry during this time of transition.  Since Rev. Victoria’s retirement, the board has been actively co-creating a vision with our spiritual community.  We have a few updates regarding what’s happening in the upcoming months.
We are excited to keep moving forward with a transitional leadership team (along with our Board)  throughout the summer and fall.  Jan Carothers continues to support us as our ongoing Leadership Coach, while Rev. Cheryl Rohret is our Unity Transitional Spiritual Guide.  She will be visiting  us May 6th, June 2 & 3, and July 7 & 8th.  She will be  supporting the entire congregation in multiple ways. On May 6th, she will  be our guest speaker and after the service she and Jan will conduct  the 2nd leadership workshop with the team leaders and members. She will also be a major support and guide in the ongoing search process for our new minister.

As for the progress on the search, there were few candidates that responded to our first posting, and those that did were interviewed by phone by the Search Team.  Through that process it was determined that they did not closely meet the qualities the congregation stated they felt were priorities as  outlined in our surveys. We have received advice to have the congregation lead ourselves for awhile to give us time to get somewhat distant from Rev. Victoria (in our minds if not our hearts) and begin with fresh intentions.  Spirit’s timing is perfect and we know our perfect minister is there for us, and we move our feet, pray and do our work in consciousness to be ready for the excellent candidates that are being led to us.  We may be reshaping our ministerial position, expectations, etc. while our opening is still listed. If you have an interest in serving on the next phase of the search committee, please contact one of us or the office for next steps.

On June 2-3, Rev. Cheryl Rohret will present, “Honor Our Past and Create Our Future.” We will be inviting everyone who has attended our congregation who has played a role bringing us to this point. If you know people in that category, please invite them for Saturday, 6/2 from 10am-4pm (lunch provided) and Sunday, 6/3 from 1-2:30pm (potluck lunch).  This is an opportunity to fully engage and we hope you can join us!

From Our Hearts to Yours,

The UNITY Center Board

Lifenotes: Update from the Search Team

Since Reverend Victoria’s announcement of her well-deserved retirement, the Unity Center’s Board of Trustees has been engaged in a Spirit Guided process to hire a new minister to carry on and continue to grow the wonderful legacy built by Reverend Victoria and so many members of our community over the past 20+ years.

With the assistance of Unity Worldwide Ministries, we have posted the announcement of our upcoming vacancy across the nation. As of today, we have received applications from 3 dynamic and interested individuals deeply committed to the Unity movement.

Our Unity Search Team made up Todd Nicholson, Jenna Wertheim, Craig Butzke, Jacki Bauer and Jerry Caruthers have been busy studying resumes and videos we have received, preparing questions and setting up a schedule for telephone interviews. The Search Team  will invite the most likely candidate(s) to visit our community for a weekend to talk in depth about their experience and guiding beliefs,  present a workshop, lead a regular Sunday service and take part in a question and answer session with the full congregation.  There will be ample opportunity for us all to get to know one another and to share our hearts as our community makes this very important decision.  Please feel free to discuss this process with any member of the Search Team or Unity Board.

We know that Spirit is guiding this process and that the right individual is out there just waiting for this opportunity!  I encourage you to use the following affirmation as we attract the right and perfect person to our spiritual home:

We are all “Minister Magnets,” clearly aligned with source.  We draw to us a spiritually mature, heart-centered and dynamic person.  This person inspires our growth and prosperity and promotes interfaith teaching and collaboration.

From My Heart to Yours,

Jerry Caruthers
The UNITY Center Board President

Lifenotes: Abundance

Abundance is everywhere.  Golden stalks of wheat have emerged from tiny grains planted in a field.  A surging, powerful ocean wave has developed from the convergence of countless drops of water.  Apple trees hang heavy with fruit during the harvest season, and mighty oaks cover the forest floor with acorns

When we look to nature for inspiration, we can see Spirit’s limitless blessings.  God’s wisdom and Divine Order are evident in the world around us.  Even in our own lives, a seemingly random act of kindness can result in an overflowing of goodness that touches an entire community.  When we believe in prosperity, we become part of the flow of appreciation that creates new forms of abundance.  By nurturing a grateful heart, we affirm that Spirit is our source and that our possibilities are wide open.

This week I encourage you to affirm, “With a thankful heart, I anticipate and accept Sprit’s abundance!”

From My Heart to Yours,


Lifenotes: The Abundance of Circulation

Dear Friends,

All of us experience the Divine Flow of the Universe.  When we are aligned with Spirit as our Source, we find opportunities to share our abundance with others through  the Law of Circulation.  When we open ourselves to giving, our actions act as a mirror that reflects back to us our generosity.

While we recognize God as the ultimate source of our good,  people are the channels through which prosperity flows. All of us may choose to be conduits of God’s unlimited good. When we remember we are here to serve each other, our actions become effortless and we give freely with a grateful heart.  We are all stewards of the Universe’s resources, and we are all channels of abundance for others.I have watched this principle in action for over 20 years during our annual Circulation Day.   Each year I am surprised by how exactly what someone is looking for is exactly what shows up!  By opening our doors to our community, we strengthen our connections to each other and affirm our purpose as a place for all.

Whether we are giving or receiving, we are each blessed.  It takes a team of very dedicated volunteers and generous donators of goods to make this awesome day possible, and I am so thankful to all of them for their efforts.
This week I encourage to you to affirm, God is my source of infinite abundance and through the Law of Circulation as I give, so I receive!

From My Heart to Yours,