Community Update – August, 2018

Greetings from your Board!

A great deal is happening this summer at the UNITY Center!


In our fourth year of sharing our space and our calendar with Weddings on the Hill, we are having our best year yet – with booked weddings and continued interest by bridal parties and wedding professionals. Rehearsals and weddings are scheduled for most Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and many Sunday afternoons and evenings. Center Tours and Open Houses can pop up anytime, so check for space availability when needed. We are grateful to the Wedding Team for their presence, their energy, and the revenue that WOTH contributes to the Center. We are proud to offer such glorious surroundings, lovely wedding facilities, excellent service and reasonable fees for couples who choose to marry here.



We are grateful for the ongoing support of our gardens – especially by the exceptional Garden Team volunteers who have put in countless hours with the plants, our generous contributors, and the remarkable Paul Etchemendy. And everyone else is lovingly encouraged to pitch in, with weeding and ongoing deadheading when you have a little free time. Every bit helps. Together we can keep this expansive property looking gorgeous!


Leadership and Team Activities

Since early spring, we have had several leadership meetings and a special community event – Honoring Our Past & Creating Our Future – to help guide us through the transition process.  Thanks to all for your lively participation!

At our Annual Vision Meeting in July, we elected three new board members. Joining Jerry Caruthers, and Kelly McBeain who are continuing their terms are Bev Haines, Joyce Jackson, and Ron Schweinsberg. All are dedicated Unity members and active volunteers.  See their bios later on this page.

Special thanks to retiring Board Members Jacki Bauer and Louise Gibson for their years of committed service to our Community!


Your Incoming Board Members

Bev Haines has been a gift in the UNITY Center leadership, over many years. She brings exceptionally solid leadership experience, having served as a board member in the past during another pivotal time for the center. When Bev walks into the room, people feel both her optimism, deep spiritual grounding and confident leadership ability.

Joyce Jackson is an active member of the leadership team, serves as co-chair of the Hospitality team, and has been a quietly central participant in most of the Center activities for several years. Professionally, as a landscape architect and designer, she not only brings a great eye for beauty but also a solid organizational and business sense.

Ron Schweinsberg, along with his wife Phyllis, have been longtime Unity members in Hawaii, their previous home state, and they jumped right in here 1-1/2 years ago. Ron serves on the Greeter and now the Search Team, and can be counted on to step in wherever he is needed. As a retired coach, Ron is the embodiment of enthusiasm and willingness. Ron credits the Unity principles for transforming his life and says he is honored to serve the UNITY Center of West Linn on the board.

Jerry Caruthers, our exceptionally courageous board chair, has captained our ship with love, wisdom and deep spirit through these transition months. Jerry is serving our community in his ninth (and final) year on the Board.

Kelly McBeain, who will be serving his third year on the board, contributes in many essential ways. He holds the unofficial position of VP of All Things Technical! He assists the Communication Team and he is the Board Member liaison to the Youth and Family Ministry.



Our dedicated Communication Team members are working on new initiatives to keep us in better touch with each other. You’ll learn more about them in the next two months.

Did you know we now have a Facebook Page? “Like” us or check us out:

Jenna Wertheim is coordinating our social media efforts to keep you and others informed.

Please feel free to share both our website and our Facebook postings about our guest speakers and intriguing Sunday topics to invite your friends to join you.

We are committed to keeping the website right up to date.


 Our New Minister Search

The good news is excellent candidates are now expressing their interest in becoming our minister.

Great thanks go to all those who began the search process last fall, including the board members, especially Louise Gibson, and former search team members Todd Nicholson, Jenna Wertheim and Craig Butzke.

Our new search team, consisting of Nancy Caron, Jim Lathrop, Nancy Lilly, Ron Schweinsberg, Jerry Caruthers and Jan Carothers will be actively interviewing and referencing candidates through August and early September.

We are targeting September weekends for candidate interviews if possible. We invite you to keep your calendars flexible so you can be present to hear and meet the candidates.

We invite you to include this affirmation prayer for attracting our future minister in your own daily Spiritual practice:

            The UNITY Center of West Linn is attracting our perfect, loving minister, who is also seeking us. All is in excellent order and Divine timing is working right now in the most delightful ways for the good of all.

As always, we are so grateful for your support and appreciate your involvement during this amazing time of transition and Spiritual deepening.

We are grateful for the loving guidance and ongoing commitment of our current, past and incoming board members, and for everyone’s loving participation, attendance and contributions.

Sincerely yours,

UNITY Center of West Linn

Board of Trustees and Transition Team

P.S. Be sure to keep up with the Center calendar for the special Sunday programs coming up in August and September. This is an exciting time with exceptional guest speakers, fun Sunday events, and probably ministerial candidate visits.