Hear our Sunday messages!

December 2nd (First Sunday in Advent) – Rev. Evin Wilkins: “Faith”

Through faith we are centered and guided every step of every day. It is through faith in which we can move mountains and where the seemingly impossible becomes possible. It is through our faith where we bring our thoughts into manifestation within this human experience. Join us as we walk this journey together.



November 25th – Rev. Evin Wilkins: “Love, Goodwill, Prayer, and Prosperity. Yes, You Really Can Have it All!”

We’ve all probably heard the phrase that, “love never fails”. Neither does prayer or goodwill, especially when it comes to prosperity. The best part? We don’t have to choose one or the other. We can have all of these things and more if we want them.  The choice is always ours to make. Join us next Sunday and learn how!


November 18, 2018: “The Prosperity Law of Self-Confidence”- Rev. Evin Wilkins

Wait. Are you really telling me that my prosperity is dependent upon my level of self-confidence? Yep, because it’s true. You don’t need books or classes to help you gain self-confidence, because you already have it! It is your spiritual nature. Join us as we stand firm in this knowledge and learn to use the power of self-confidence to affirm our Truth and, our prosperity!



November 11, 2018: “Unforgiveness…Can You Really Afford It?” – Rev. Evin Wilkins

Unforgiveness can affect our lives in so many ways. It creates blockages in both mind AND body…preventing the good (including prosperity) from flowing. Listen as we discuss these blockages and how to clear them!