Lifenotes: Abundance

Abundance is everywhere.  Golden stalks of wheat have emerged from tiny grains planted in a field.  A surging, powerful ocean wave has developed from the convergence of countless drops of water.  Apple trees hang heavy with fruit during the harvest season, and mighty oaks cover the forest floor with acorns

When we look to nature for inspiration, we can see Spirit’s limitless blessings.  God’s wisdom and Divine Order are evident in the world around us.  Even in our own lives, a seemingly random act of kindness can result in an overflowing of goodness that touches an entire community.  When we believe in prosperity, we become part of the flow of appreciation that creates new forms of abundance.  By nurturing a grateful heart, we affirm that Spirit is our source and that our possibilities are wide open.

This week I encourage you to affirm, “With a thankful heart, I anticipate and accept Sprit’s abundance!”

From My Heart to Yours,