Lifenotes: Praying For Others

Today I would like to share with you a Daily Word passage from this week about praying for others.  So often we are at our wits’ end about what to do or how to help someone, but often the answer is simply to pray for them.  When we affirm the Divine in those we love, we are releasing them to their highest and best good.  By connecting to Spirit, we not only bless the person we are praying for, but also ourselves.

Pray For Others

I pray for my loved ones, conscious of the presence of God within them. Holding others in prayer is a powerful, sacred process. I realign my whole self, including all that I think, say, and do, with the healing, protecting presence of God. I pray for my loved ones, conscious of the presence of God within them. I let go of all concern or anxiety about each person by saying, “I bless you, knowing you are enfolded in divine loving care.” I pray that they stay attuned to their spiritual source, and that they feel the love of my prayers. The sacred activity of prayer clears my mind. I am confident that my loved ones are safe and secure, guided into their highest outcome. I am grateful for the presence of God moving through every person and every need.

This week I encourage you to choose someone to pray for.  It can be a loved one, or someone you barely know.  Visualize this person surrounded by peace, and affirm that Spirit is working in their life.  Focus your mind on seeing this person happy, healthy, and ready to receive the blessings the Universe provides.  Feel in your heart that all is well and in divine order.  It is done!

From My Heart to Yours,

P.S.  Please remember that we have a prayer team that would love to pray for you!  We bless the prayer requests that are placed in the prayer box on Sundays each week and are honored to be trusted spiritual partners with those in need of prayer support.