Lifenotes: The Abundance of Circulation

Dear Friends,

All of us experience the Divine Flow of the Universe.  When we are aligned with Spirit as our Source, we find opportunities to share our abundance with others through  the Law of Circulation.  When we open ourselves to giving, our actions act as a mirror that reflects back to us our generosity.

While we recognize God as the ultimate source of our good,  people are the channels through which prosperity flows. All of us may choose to be conduits of God’s unlimited good. When we remember we are here to serve each other, our actions become effortless and we give freely with a grateful heart.  We are all stewards of the Universe’s resources, and we are all channels of abundance for others.I have watched this principle in action for over 20 years during our annual Circulation Day.   Each year I am surprised by how exactly what someone is looking for is exactly what shows up!  By opening our doors to our community, we strengthen our connections to each other and affirm our purpose as a place for all.

Whether we are giving or receiving, we are each blessed.  It takes a team of very dedicated volunteers and generous donators of goods to make this awesome day possible, and I am so thankful to all of them for their efforts.
This week I encourage to you to affirm, God is my source of infinite abundance and through the Law of Circulation as I give, so I receive!

From My Heart to Yours,