Lifenotes: Update from the Search Team

Since Reverend Victoria’s announcement of her well-deserved retirement, the Unity Center’s Board of Trustees has been engaged in a Spirit Guided process to hire a new minister to carry on and continue to grow the wonderful legacy built by Reverend Victoria and so many members of our community over the past 20+ years.

With the assistance of Unity Worldwide Ministries, we have posted the announcement of our upcoming vacancy across the nation. As of today, we have received applications from 3 dynamic and interested individuals deeply committed to the Unity movement.

Our Unity Search Team made up Todd Nicholson, Jenna Wertheim, Craig Butzke, Jacki Bauer and Jerry Caruthers have been busy studying resumes and videos we have received, preparing questions and setting up a schedule for telephone interviews. The Search Team  will invite the most likely candidate(s) to visit our community for a weekend to talk in depth about their experience and guiding beliefs,  present a workshop, lead a regular Sunday service and take part in a question and answer session with the full congregation.  There will be ample opportunity for us all to get to know one another and to share our hearts as our community makes this very important decision.  Please feel free to discuss this process with any member of the Search Team or Unity Board.

We know that Spirit is guiding this process and that the right individual is out there just waiting for this opportunity!  I encourage you to use the following affirmation as we attract the right and perfect person to our spiritual home:

We are all “Minister Magnets,” clearly aligned with source.  We draw to us a spiritually mature, heart-centered and dynamic person.  This person inspires our growth and prosperity and promotes interfaith teaching and collaboration.

From My Heart to Yours,

Jerry Caruthers
The UNITY Center Board President