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Traditional service not your thing? We’ve got just the thing for you! Check out our new, alternative service (scroll down to see our lineup of exciting events)! Beginning at 9:45 AM (until 10:30ish) each Sunday, our alternative service is  a non-traditional service that allows our creative expression to shine through! From drumming, poetry readings, to crystal bowl healing…we’ve got something for everyone.

Our regular Sunday service is still rocking at 10:15 AM. Join us!


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Regular Sunday Service (10:15 AM)

June 30th: 

Independence – Rev. Evin Wilkins

The Statue of Liberty at the entrance to New York Harbor shows the goddess as enlightening the world, the picture of an idea that nearly everybody understands. It was made by a man as an embodiment of his idea of American freedom and its majesty.

What does independence really mean and is there a metaphysical interpretation that we can apply in our spiritual practice? Join us as we discuss!




Our Youth are the future of Unity and we honor that at The UNITY Center. We would love to have both you and your children be a part of that future.

Let’s continue to build the consciousness we need to grow a dynamic Youth program that will continue to touch the hearts of our community!


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June 30th: EFT Healing Event – Trina Lee

Trina Lee is a Certified EFT Practitioner, practicing in Lake Oswego, OR.  She’s the founder of Radiant Meditation which uses EFT Tapping in order to flow into meditation with accessibility and ease.  What’s EFT Tapping?  Emotional Freedom Technique, also referred to as Tapping is an evidence based technique that uses acupressure points and talking about how we feel in order to lower our stress, calm the body and the mind.   Turns out EFT Tapping is a perfect way to set yourself up for meditation leaving you feeling calm, peaceful and radiant!