Wow! It’s gearing up to be an excellent new year at The UNITY Center!

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Traditional service not your thing? We’ve got just the thing for you! Check out our new, alternative service (scroll down to see our lineup of exciting events)! Beginning at 10:00 AM (until 10:25ish) each Sunday, our alternative service is  a non-traditional service that allows our creative expression to shine through! From drumming, poetry readings, to crystal bowl healing…we’ve got something for everyone.

Our regular Sunday service is still rocking at 11:00 AM. Join us!


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Regular Sunday Service (11:00 AM)


January 27th Guest Speaker, Workshop and Soup Lunch – Rev. Jody Stevenson

Join us as Rev. Jody shares from her new book, “Trio of Treasures”. She will share treasures from the Tao…treasures on exploring the power of thoughts from a Taoist point of view, how time relates to the Tao, the most powerful acts of kindness and, how to meet your future Tao self. This is not one you want to miss!

Sometimes the Sunday service is just not enough and well, we’ve got the solution for that! Rev. Jody Stevenson will also facilitate a workshop directly after the service from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM. She will share even more treasures from the Tao. You are sure to learn how to incorporate these teachings into your life and how to make them work for you! The cost is $35 per person…an investment that will certainly last you through a lifetime of wisdom!

A soup lunch will be shared directly after the service, just before Rev. Jody’s workshop. Homemade soup and fresh bread! A value for only a small $5.00 love offering!

Trust me…this is a Sunday you don’t want to miss! See you there.


Alternative Sunday Service (10:00 AM)

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January 27th – No alternative service. Join us at our 11:00 AM service to welcome our guest speaker (Rev Jody Stevenson).


February 3rd – Gandhi’s Peace Prayers (Rev. Evin Wilkins and congregation)

Very early in his life, Mohandas K. Gandhi began to appreciate the universality of religion. He described religions as highways leading to the same destination. As a mark of his respect for all religions and for all human beings, he incorporated the prayers and hymns of different faiths into his daily prayers. Not only did he observe this respect for all religions, but he influenced millions in India to do the same. Join us as we chant (together) prayers from many different religions…prayers with the underlying theme of Peace.