November is our month of Intentional Giving! Join us as we discuss our relationship with money and prosperity, while awakening to and affirming the wealth that we already hold within.

Our meditation service begins at 10:00 AM each Sunday, with our regular Sunday service at 11:00 AM. Our November series discusses money, prosperity, and the spiritual principles surrounding both. Join us!

This week’s message:

November 18th – Rev. Evin Wilkins: “The Prosperity Law of Self-Confidence”

Wait. Are you really telling me that my prosperity is dependent upon my level of self-confidence? Yep, because it’s true. You don’t need books or classes to help you gain self-confidence, because you already have it! It is your spiritual nature. Join us as we stand firm in this knowledge and learn to use the power of self-confidence to affirm our Truth and, our prosperity!



November 12th (7:00 PM)  – Men’s Group

November 14th  – Women’s Circle

November 16th (6:30 PM) – Food From the Heart