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Traditional service not your thing? We’ve got just the thing for you! Check out our new, alternative service (scroll down to see our lineup of exciting events)! Beginning at 9:45 AM (until 10:30ish) each Sunday, our alternative service is  a non-traditional service that allows our creative expression to shine through! From drumming, poetry readings, to crystal bowl healing…we’ve got something for everyone.

Our regular Sunday service is still rocking at 11:00 AM. Join us!


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Regular Sunday Service (11:00 AM)

April 21st: Easter Sunday! – Rev. Evin Wilkins

Join us for an exciting Easter Sunday message…Unity style!



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April 21st: Holy Fire III Reiki Holy Love Experience – Deborah O’Brien

Deborah O’Brien, Holy Fire III Usui Reiki Master, will host an experiential event to share a sacred experience of Holy Love healing.

She will guide the group to enjoy a sacred personal experience of Holy Love healing in a 20 minute inward journey.

Each individual will be guided according to the highest good for holistic healing in one of three ways which will be determined by Beings of Love from the Third Heaven as each person allows.

The healings may be for:

1. Awakening clarity for more self-love, self-respect, self-worth;

2. Scanning your personal history of this lifetime to heal a trauma;

3. Healing experiences and traumas from birth parents at the time of conception, time in the womb as a fetus, the birthing experience and infancy in the early stages of life.

Children are welcome to join us!