Who we are

Greetings!  You are Welcome here.

We’re so glad you are interested in the Unity Center.

Our worship services combine many different elements.

  • Great music…
  • A time of meditation and stillness…
  • Inspiring and affirmative messages…

The UNITY Center, located in West Linn, is a welcoming spiritual community where we honor the truth in all Spiritual paths.

Living in our Western culture, our spiritual roots are based on the teachings of Jesus which we interpret metaphysically. We regularly add to this with wisdom from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and other world paths and spiritual leaders.  Unity’s teachings are more than a set of beliefs:  through regular practice, they produce significant positive changes in one’s life and in the world. These spiritual principles and teachings are further explored through the many classes and programs we offer throughout the year.

Meet Our Minister, Rev. Evin Wilkins!

It is with great joy that The UNITY Center welcomes our new minister, Rev. Evin Wilkins. Both Evin and his wife, Mindy, grew up in Texas and met and married at a Unity church in Austin.  But that was not where Rev. Evin’s spiritual journey began.

“Growing up in traditional Christian teachings left me with more questions than answers,” says Evin.“ The teachings that God was a wrathful deity and was anything other than love just never sat well with me. And, I couldn’t buy into the idea that some people were favored more than others by this deity.  It’s as if I always knew that God, the Universe, Source…whatever you call it was greater than that and here for everyone.”

Rev. Evin’s spiritual journey began to evolve when he discovered a book in a used book store about the Law of Attraction and then joined a spiritual meet-up group that met at a Unity church  – which he just happened to drive by each day on his way to work.  Then two friends invited him to attend a service there.  “The first time I walked in, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be,” says Evin.

His journey at Unity led him not only to his wife, but also to a desire to become a Unity minister – a calling to spread messages of faith, hope, love and inspiration.

In addition to his ministerial degree, Evin has a Master Degree in Education which he uses in designing and teaching Unity classes.

Of his spiritual journey Evin says, “Life is a beautiful thing, if we only allow it to be.”