Youth & Family

Youth & Family are a vital part of The UNITY Center.  We believe your family is our family and welcome children of all ages.

Concurrent with the school year, between the Autumn and Summer months, we offer our youth education program at the 11:00 am Intergenerational service, which includes meetings for youth of all ages. During the summer school break, The UNITY Center holds one service at 10:00 am for adults and youth.

Young people are invited to attend the following class groups:

  • Wisdom Room – includes babies through children age 4.
  • Elementary Room – includes children Kindergarten through fifth grade.
  • Uniteen Room – includes children sixth through eighth grade.
  • Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity) – is for high schoolers, up to age 18.

Wisdom Room:

Our volunteer sponsor and nursery caregiver will enthusiastically greet your child and make every attempt to help them feel comfortable as you return to the adult service. Children in the Wisdom room are encouraged to build relationships with each other and explore through creative activities, stories, cooperative play, and music. Depending on the particular talents of our volunteer leaders and the mix of children who visit the Wisdom room on Sunday, we may have concurrent activity centers with crafts or manipulatives so that children can move between activities, or we may have a theme for story time and exploration. The Wisdom room’s overriding theme is demonstrating love and respect for all of God’s children.

Elementary Room:

Kindergarteners and first graders through fifth graders are exploring their place in the world in relation to others, and we seek to guide them to their own answers through UNITY teachings. We regularly present teachings based on UNITY’s 5 Basic Principles through UNITY Association curriculum. Typically an Elementary youth meeting will consist of an opening activity or craft project, circle time with introductions, prayers and a story or theme, and a closing activity. Depending on the unique talents of our youth leaders and assistants, as well as the mix of children who participate in a given Sunday meeting, we may have activities geared to 6-8 year olds, and concurrent discussions or activities for 9-10 year olds. Kids Camp, a Unity regional summer camp in June, is available to children in this age group.


Uniteens, in grades 6 – 8, are moving away from their childlike years into young adulthood. Curriculum based on UNITY’s 5 Basic Principles is explored at a deeper level with applications to the pre-teens’ life. Youth are encouraged to share their feelings and experiences in the circle, to learn about self knowledge, healthy peer relationships, peer pressure, service to others, and world religions. Two regional events called Unitreat (in Fall and Summer), are available to Uniteens who attend church regularly.


High school-aged youth are typically exposed to many worldly influences at this age. We seek to provide a safe place for their questions and an empowering perspective to their interpretations. As in the earlier grades, we teach that each person creates their world by their thoughts, feelings and actions, thereby teaching one’s own responsibility for fulfilling dreams and achieving goals. Leadership (on a national, regional and local basis), as well as service to others and each other, is an emphasis in this group. There are two regional events available to Y.O.U.ers in the Fall and the Spring.

Once a quarter we have a Family Night, except during the summer. This is an opportunity to engage the entire family in a fun activity with other families with children. We’ve baked cookies for our bake sale, created bird feeders for the property and played games. Join us for a fun evening that includes all ages.

Thank you for visiting The UNITY Center’s youth ministry program!  We hope to become great friends and we welcome you to our community.


Marilee Payne

Youth Ministry Co-Coordinator